Survey Methodology

The study made use of multiple modules to achieve the objectives of the study and arrive at top schools in Mumbai.


Module 1 was a secondary research module. A comprehensive list of schools was generated with the help of internet, magazines and other publications. The various sources used for generation of school list included:

  • National Curriculum (CBSE/ ICSE/ ISC, etc.), International Curriculum (IB/ IGCSE etc.), State Board Curriculum (MSBSHSE, etc.)
  • List of school from previous surveys
  • A discussion with industry experts to add/ delete any school to ensure we have a comprehensive list

As it is not possible to get a completely exhaustive list of schools and include them in the survey, we kept an option of adding any new school name in the survey form if any respondent mentioned any school name outside our list. Effectively, every school had a chance of getting covered in the survey if their name was mentioned by the respondents.


More than 350 schools were sent the factual data questionnaire and then rigorously followed up telephonically.

The factual data sheet focuses on the following information areas:

  • General information of the School: Establishment, Affiliation etc.
  • Infrastructure & facilities
    • Sports facilities
    • Cultural/extra-curricular facilities
    • Medical facilities
  • Teachers/ Academic Infrastructure
  • Social Integration
  • Exchange programs and global exposure
  • Awards


In the perceptual survey module, a structured questionnaire was administered to selected respondents. The questionnaire captured:

  • Names of top schools as per the respondents
  • The ratings for each mentioned school on all key parameters

Respondents were provided a list of parameters to evaluate the schools & rate on a scale of 1-10 where 1 meant poor & 10 meant for excellent. The list of parameters covered in the survey was arrived at based on past surveys as well as discussions with experts from the industry experts and teachers etc.

Each respondent was asked to give ratings for only those schools that he/she is aware of and considers it to be among the top 10 schools in Mumbai and their area. Thus a maximum of 20 schools were rated by each respondent. This ensured that there was neither interviewer nor respondent fatigue and thus ensured better quality data.

There were two main respondent categories who were interviewed to evaluate schools; those who had the experience of such schools (Experiential) and those who are currently searching and aspiring to get admissions for their ward (Aspiring):

Sampling & Geographical Spread:

The sample selection was done using convenience sampling method though the sample was spread out geographically across the city to get better representation.

Multiple starting points were selected spread across the city. Then around each starting address interviews were conducted with various segments of respondents.

A total sample of 910 was achieved. The following 7 zones in were covered in Mumbai:

  • South Mumbai + Midtown
  • Bandra West, Khar, Santacruz, Vileparle , Andheri W
  • Bandra East, Andheri E, Powai, Chembur, Ghatkopar
  • Goregoan, Malad, Kandivali, Borivali, Jogeswari
  • Thane and Surrounding, Dombivalli-Kalyan
  • Navi Mumbai
  • Dahisar – Virar


A robust approach is followed to arrive at the final rankings. The step by step process is given below:

The final score for a school is an average of Perception Score and Factual Score - equal weightage given to both

Reporting Of School Rankings

There are 4 broad categories of schools shown in the ranking viz;

  • International (Offer only International Curriculums)
  • National (Offer only National Curriculums)
  • Both (Offer both International & National Curriculums)
  • State Board (Offer only State Board Curriculums)

Some caveats/assumptions:

  • Best efforts were made to reach every school in Mumbai; however, any school which expressly stated in writing or by email that it did not wish to participate in the survey was excluded from the survey
  • Any school that did not send complete “Fact-Sheet” within the allotted time was assigned an average Factual score for calculating their overall score
  • Those school which got established in the last 3 years or did not have a minimum of 3 batches of class XII were not considered for rankings and were included in “Emerging School List”
Present survey has been conducted by an independent Research Agency named i3 Research Consultants using stated methodology for arriving at given rankings.